The oldest free and charitable clinic in the U.S. continues to provide important health care


The Problem
Unfortunately Residents of Buchanan County earning $2,221 to $11,670 yearly or up to $7.75 per hour are caught in an uninsurable donut hole. YES….people with low earning wages earn too much to qualify for Medicaid insurance, but not enough wages to qualify for health insurance through the Health Exchange, also known as the Market Place.

  • Residents earning $11,671 to $16,105 can purchase insurance through the Market place, however, for the lowest cost plan (Bronze) a deductible of $6,600 has to be met before the insurance starts covering medical expenses. See for more information.
  • Residents with earnings above $16,105 annually are required to sign up for health insurance through the exchange or pay the IRS at the end of the year 2% of their annual earnings.
  • Approximately 16,000 of the adults living in Buchanan County are uninsured and living in poverty, which severely limits their access to traditional healthcare
  • Adults without children living in the home, cannot qualify for Medicaid if earning more than $185.00 monthly and are not disabled.

Our Approach…

The Social Welfare Board provides low cost primary and women’s health and dental care to people living in poverty.

  • Patients are asked to pay $5.00 per medical visit.
  • The clinic connects established patients to free or low cost medications and specialty care.
  • The dental clinic charges $10.00 per tooth.
  • Homeless persons have access to medical, counseling and case management services regardless of ability to pay.

Our Impact….

Yearly the Social Welfare Board sees an average of 5,519 unduplicated patients for all of its clinics with a total of 28,318 visits. The dental clinic has an average of 4,209 dental visits annually, including two emergency walk in clinics.

The value of medications acquired through patient assistance programs averages $5,000,000 annually.

Save the date for the 5th Annual

Walk for the Homeless

November 17, 2016

Donations for our Homeless Patients help with many basic needs:
$45.00 will pay for 3 birth certificates
$40.00 will pay for 3 state ID’s
$20.00  will pay for 20 bus passes

Thank you for your help and consideration!



Donations of any size are appreciated and will help sustain the healthcare services that the Social Welfare Board provides the uninsured residents of Buchanan County.

Click on the ‘Donate’ button and enter ‘Friends of the Free Clinic’ in the Purpose field.


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